So this week is a big planning week. While I continue to build inventory we are already working on box two and box three, plus we will be adding some of our more Well-Being stuff soon too. Thanks for being so patient as we prep this delayed launch!

Carl is preparing to have a free-be Relaxation Meditation available. So the Director/Producer is in talks with Carl on how it will be released.

This will kick-off our other part of the site which will help you with your well-being as a symbiotic relationship to our Products, Craft Videos, Craft Boxes.

Carl will launch online Hypnosis programs for clients.  We will develop a video info package for that.

We will offer a meditation group soon on our FB Page and it will be a closed group so when details are available you will know. I am looking at a Fall launch for that.

My next Blog Post is going to talk about our Co-Operative Makers, Suppliers, and Advisors. I will give a detailed overview of what each business offers and how you can personally contact them for custom jobs.  I will even introduce you to our team.  For they all contract out their services as well. Our Momo team is Family: Me, Carl, Alex, Cam and Rob Stea one of my Sons' closest friends. Amber and Mishelle do set design and modelling when they are available. My Dad Richard is our cheering section.  He is also the cat wrangler.

What can we look forward to this week? One day this week we go live on the web page! Our commercial will go live too!  It is a very exciting week!  Our first box will be available and a new array of masks will finally be showing for availability on the site!




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