The Law of Supply and Demand

Well, I learned that if you have a great product the demand increases. If the demand increases an artist has two options: expand or forcibly keep product level low at times.

There are arguments for both.

I have decided to keep the sole responsibility of the quality control of the masks in my lap. So I am not expanding.

This does pose some supply and demand issues.

We sell out quickly and I am having to keep delaying our Special Box launch because we keep running out of masks.

Rest-assured we have not disappeared. We are building stock.

I am the sole creator, so it is on my shoulders and schedule. Some days even the artist cannot create.

I just got in more paisley's and florals for fabric in great colours to create excellent reverse sides of the mask!

I have cut all sizes out but in this next phase of cutting coming tomorrow we will only be cutting adult large.

We have not even been able to keep a stock presence online before we sell out!

I really appreciate everyone's interest!

Thanks for Your Business!


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